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A Passion for Fashion Inc. Blog, Edition 11

A Passion for Fashion Inc. Blog, Edition 11

Joseph Ribkoff's Sizzling Spring '22 Collection!

Joseph Ribkoff is off to a sizzling start with their spring '22 collection!  We bring in this grouping early, for those who are travelling south, and for our fashionistas who love to be first with the hottest new fashions. Joseph Ribkoff designs four collections per year, and each season has a wide array of styles that buyers ( like me ) choose from. After the initial buy, the top 100 booking styles emerge, and I look through again to see which items I may have missed the first time around. There are HOTS, which are hot repeating styles, and magazine styles, which are the trend setting pieces that are on everyone's must-have list. I will add more styles to my order, to make sure I have all the terrific pieces our clients will want to add to their spring wardrobe.


Joseph Ribkoff's lines are always evolving and ever-changing, and that's what makes them so exciting for all fashion lovers! Their clothing is excellent quality, fits beautifully, and their styles are stand-outs in a crowd! It's easy to see why it's my most fav brand, along with their millions of other fans, worldwide!